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Souped-up BARN DANCING for the 21st century

ancing to the best LIVE bands and Callers on the English-Ceilidh circuit -
our Meltdowns are friendly, inclusive and great fun for all!


Covid-19 UPDATE

ALL of this year's season is still CANCELLED at the moment

It is obvious that our beautiful, happy but..
close-contact, partner-swapping,
fast-breathing, INDOOR
still carry too high a risk
 to dancers and artists
for the foreseeable future -
at least until we see if there is another surge in the Autumn
CLAIR HALL has been permanently closed by MSDC

and we still do not know if that decision can, or will, be reversed.

in the meantime, here's a nice link to John Sweeney's

Swing Workshop Videos

John has posted eight videos (37 minutes) on YouTube covering all the basics of how to Swing, plus twenty Swing variations plus some fun entries and exits. 
John says, "Please spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.  “Likes” on YouTube are always appreciated!"
Twenty Swing Variations - Video Workshop
Learn the basics plus lots of fun variations:

Meltdown will expect to be seeing some of these variations on the dancefloor when we eventually reconvene!
Have a good summer and Stay safe.

04 May 2021

22.02.20 Dancing
                        to Take the Biscuit

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